Case Study

Durham Gateway, Durham, United Kingdom

Name and location:
Durham Gateway, Durham, United Kingdom

Products installed:
Skylight shading systems SG 2195
Roller blind systems SG 4870
Dim-out blind systems SG 4710


39 x SG 2195
32 x SG 4870
14 x SG 4710


Andrew Hepinstall


It is the 3rd oldest university in England and has been a leading European centre of learning for over 1,000 years. The challenge began with 18 “showpiece” skylight shading systems SG 2195 to the curved pod windows. A further 21 skylight shading systems in “soft roman blind style” were installed to the roof lights, all RAL coated to suit the curtain walling. Specialist brackets had to be sourced to suit the curve and stack depth. The “Sharks Fin” boardroom has 16 roller blinds SG 4870, the corridors and back entrance have 8 double and 8 single roller blinds. Further roller blinds were fitted in the round canteen area. Dim-out systems were specified for the meeting rooms. A total of 85 electrically operated systems were installed, all are radio controlled.